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The Brilliance Behind the Brand


Claudio Di Fiore, born in Italy and raised in Belgium, developed an early appreciation for self-care while observing his mother cultivate ingredients for her skincare products in their personal garden. Growing up amidst the refinement and elegance of Belgium's elite, he gleaned the importance of self-care and the art of crafting one's own cosmetic formulations. Following this foundation, Claudio pursued studies in horticulture, floristry, and podiatry in Europe. The synergy of his understanding of the human body, coupled with his expertise in horticulture and insights gained from his mother's skincare endeavors, became pivotal elements in the establishment of Bio France Lab.

With an illustrious 25-year career spanning both skincare and retail, Claudio has leveraged his wealth of industry expertise to establish Bio France Lab. Through this venture, he introduces a line of premium skincare products crafted from superior natural and botanical ingredients, all offered at a compelling and affordable price point. Boasting a comprehensive background in product development and branding, Claudio's journey has involved collaborating with renowned skincare companies, resulting in the creation of pure and effective formulations. The well-received acclaim from the wholesale and spa industry underscores the success of Bio France Lab, reflecting a harmonious blend of experience, innovation, and dedication to delivering excellence in the realm of skincare.

Marc Rosengarten's formative years were marked by the challenge of oily skin and persistent breakouts. Motivated by his father, a chemical engineer, Marc pursued pre-medical studies in college. In an effort to address his skincare concerns and enhance his self-esteem, he not only invested in skincare products but also took the initiative to modify their ingredients for better efficacy.

Armed with a passion for self-care and a knack for independent learning, Marc set forth on a transformative journey, earning him the title of the Mask-King.

As the Co-Founder and Partner at Bio France Lab, Marc Rosengarten brings a unique background and personal journey to the realm of skincare. Having grappled with skincare challenges during his 20s, Marc's quest for perfectly balanced skin led him from pursuing a Pre-Med/Chemistry major at UCLA to forging a career in skincare, complemented by a business degree. Driven by a relentless thirst for knowledge, Marc collaborated closely with Claudio DiFiore, the Director of a distinguished French Skincare line. Together, their shared vision materialized into the establishment of Bio France Lab.