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About Us

The Bio France Lab skin care line was created with naturally derived botanical and organic ingredients from France.Our products are manufactured in France and the USA. As part of the professional skin care industry, we listen to the aestheticians and clients advancing each generation of product with greater efficacy. Because of the immediate results, our customers keep coming back. Delivering customer service and satisfaction is our priority. At Bio France Lab you are not just a customer; you are part of a family. Welcome!

With natural cleansers, treatments, masks, and more, Bio France Lab works to treat your specific skin care needs. With environmentally friendly products that are free from animal cruelty, Bio France lab offers a clean luxurious skincare product.

Meet Our Founders

Claudio Di Fiore and Marc Rosengarten met in a country western club, and from there it was a match made in Heaven. Their combined passions for skincare and 25 years of experience working in the skincare industry led them to a partnership that founded Bio France Lab.

Claudio Difiore

Claudio Di Fiore is Italian-born and was raised in Belgium. As a child, he watched his mother grow the ingredients for her own skincare products in their very own garden. Among the etiquette and aristocracy of Belgium’s elite taking care of themselves, Claudio also learned the value of self-care and the creation of your own cosmetic products.

From there, Claudio went on to study horticulture, floristry, and podiatry in Europe. His knowledge of the human body combined with his study of horticulture and the observations of his mother’s efforts were just some of the building blocks leading to the creation of Bio France Lab.

After working with other industry leaders, it was only natural for Claudio to create his own skincare company. His motivation led to this company that creates skincare products made with ingredients from France direct to the professional and retail consumer.

Marc Rosengarten

Marc Rosengarten grew up plagued with oily skin and breakouts. His father was a chemical engineer who inspired him to enroll in pre-medical studies while in college. To heal his skin and subsequently boost his self-confidence, he purchased skincare products and altered the ingredients to improve their efficacy.

From this self-care and independent learning, Marc embarked on a journey to become the Mask-King. From there, his additional interests led him to major in business and make use of his skincare knowledge for a broader audience. With all this combined, a solid foundation for a patient-friendly business selling quality skincare was built.