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Why Organic Skincare? The Benefits Of Using Natural Botanical Beauty Products

There are many beauty products available in the world. But the big question is; are they safe for your skin? Do they affect your skin in the best ways? 

For effective and safe skincare, it’s good to choose products that have been tested and recommended by experts. 

Dermatologists have always recommended organically and natural-derived skincare products because organic skincare has proven to be the most effective and safest skincare. 

Organic skincare uses natural ingredients or their derivatives to produce and develop products and components that are effective and safe enough for use. 

With the increase in chemicals and harmful environmental factors that cause skin diseases, you must pay attention to the kinds of skin products you use. 

In this blog, you will find out the benefits of using natural botanical skincare, how you can choose the best ones for you, and the best skincare products you can buy. 

Why Organic and Botanical Skincare:

There are many reasons why organic and botanical skincare is best for your skin. 
  1. Rich in nutrients: Just as the body needs nutrients from the foods we eat, the skin also needs the nutrients from the products we feed it. Many botanical constituents good for the body are equally suitable for the skin. They just act topically instead of intravascularly as in the body. They can act as antioxidants and may also have anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Safe for the skin: Beyond just the effectiveness, they are safe for the body. This is because they don’t contain harsh chemicals or overly concentrated constituents. They are gentle on the skin. Your skincare process should be enjoyable and not laden with pain and discomfort. 
  3. Helps the environment: Organic skincare is eco-friendly and sustainable. The problem of non-biodegradable waste and chemicals is solved.  Also, botanical products would inspire the need to plant more trees and nurture plants that help the climate. 
  4. Anti-ageing: A lot of organic skincare products have anti-aging properties. They hydrate and tighten the skin.
  5. Increased hydration: Research has proven that organic skincare has increased capability to hydrate the skin. The skin must be hydrated to preserve the integrity of the epidermal layer.
  6. Skin toning: Organic skincare helps to tone the skin. It improves complexion and reduces hyperpigmentation. 
  7. Smell better: The earthy, fresh scent of botanical skincare products is not offensive and can make you attractive. You smell like home, and beauty isn’t just how you look but also how you smell.
  8. Healthier skin: Organic skincare can help take care of skin infections and diseases such as scabies, eczema, atopic dermatitis, and many other infections that happen due to impurities on the skin or dehydration.

Some of our Botanical skincare products and sets

If you’re wondering where to get original natural products, Bio France Lab skincare has got you. We give you the most refined organic botanical products suitable for you. These are environmentally friendly products, free from animal cruelty, and are suited for all skin types.

  1. Botanical Hemp Advanced “Jelly” Peel-Off Mask: The most amazing thing about this product is that it is suitable for all skin types. It is effective for cell regeneration and contains Cannabis Sativa that plumps the skin. It also contains algin and coconut oil that locks in moisture making the skin firm. Omega 6 and turmeric powder are also specifically formulated ingredients for sensitive skin as they prevent inflammation.

  2. 24Kt Elite Gold Treatment Set: This set is for your complete, basic skincare routine. It contains a cleanser, serum, toner, and moisturizing facial cream. It is for an anti-aging procedure as the gold and vitamin C combination provides collagen that strengthens and brightens the skin. Other active ingredients like Caviar and hyaluronic acid plump the skin as they lock in moisture and close up the epidermal tight junctions. The set is for exfoliating, hydrating, and rejuvenating skin cells. A regular routine with this set is the sure process for radiant skin.

  3. Ultra-Lightening Bright Treatment Set: The Ultra-Lightening Bright Treatment Set contains a Facial Cream & Serum that smoothens, clarifies, and tones the skin, clearing out spots and scars. The face serum contains active ingredients; kojic acid, extracts of mulberry, and Burberry are dedicated to lightening the skin by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme which melanated the skin while the face cream, the beauty enhancer, Daisy blossom

  4. Oil & Acne Control Treatment Set: This is the treatment set for people with oily skin and acne. It contains a cleanser, toner, ampoule serum, and moisturizing facial cream. It targets acne breakouts, removes excess oil, and clarifies scars. The botanical nutrients, Zinc Gluck, and Camphor are the best for clearing every skin imperfection, a softer and matte skin. This is the set to make you stand elegant and confident everywhere you go. 

  5.  Injection-Like Ampoule Facial Serum: The Injection-Like Facial Ampoule Serum is a cosmetic alternative to surgery that focuses on reducing the appearance of fine lines that make you look old. It comes in an ampoule form but is easy to use. It is enriched with 100% botanically active Mafane, this extract is the Botanical alternative to fillers. You are left with a naturally soft, plump, firm, hydrated appearance! 

  6.  Age Barrier Facial Cream: This facial cream is laden with natural botanical ingredients including resveratrol, squalene, hyaluronic acid, and a combination of muscle relaxing peptides, suitable to fight all visible signs of aging. The ingredients also increase the collagen and elastin that strengthen the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces inflammation and redness. Protects the skin barrier and gives a natural glow.