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Learn How Even Skin Tone Products Can Help Lighten Blemishes

If you asked a bunch of people what healthy skin looks like, a vast majority would agree that healthy skin is even-toned and free of blemishes. Unfortunately, most people don’t naturally have even-toned skin. Whether due to scars, acne, sun exposure, or skin conditions such as rosacea or melasma, many people have some variation of tones to their face. But if you suffer from blotchy-looking skin, you’re in luck. There are several things you can try to get even-toned skin!

Toning skin vs. targeting hyperpigmentation

There are two different processes at work when it comes to having an overall even-toned face. There are products that help make the whole face even-toned and brighter looking while reducing areas of redness as well. 

And there are products that directly target hyperpigmentation (spots of excess color on the skin such as is the case with acne scars or age spots). Which you should use depends on your needs and concerns.

Get even-toned skin

Even-toned, glowing skin is attainable with several lifestyle changes and specialized skincare products. Make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen. Sun exposure can not only cause sunburn but also areas of hyperpigmentation to appear darker. Sunscreen works for prevention. But what about skin that needs help due to previous sun exposure? Any ingredient that helps combat sun damage (namely those with antioxidants) will work. 

Exfoliation can get rid of the top layer of dead skin cells, revealing fresh, more even-toned skin below. For more intense help, try a chemical peel. Ingredients that have calming properties can help tone down redness. 

Our product recommendation

Get powerful help with hyperpigmentation with our Ultra-Lightening Bright Treatment Duo. This serum-and-cream combo includes an extremely concentrated blend of active ingredients. The serum gets to work inhibiting the tyrosinase activity, thus helping to reduce melanin production in the targeted area(s). This combats areas of hyperpigmentation. The cream will only lighten areas of hyperpigmentation… No more worrying about accidentally getting some on the normal-toned parts of your skin. 

As always, if you have any questions about any of our products or need help determining which will work best for you, contact us at Bio France Lab here