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How to Help Cell Renewal with Natural Ingredients

Skin cell renewal is a natural process our skin undergoes all on its own. Why speed things up with specialized skincare then? Well, just like many other bodily processes, the skin renewal process slows down as we age. What took about four weeks to complete when we were younger now takes longer and longer. Coupled with other causes of aging skin, this results in fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging.

What is skin cell renewal?

Skin cells go through a process of regeneration. Old cells die and are replaced by fresh, new cells. When this process cycles quickly (as it does in our younger years), skin is left glowing, tight, and healthy. 

As skin ages, this process is cycled through a lot less quickly. This can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface as the younger skin cells take longer to replace them. This leads to many issues including more visible signs of aging. 

Can you speed up the process of cell renewal?

Yes! Speeding up cell turnover is one of the best things you can do to help your skin look its best. By helping along the process, you make way for new, plump skin cells to reach the surface. There are a few different ways you can do this.

-Mechanical exfoliation: This is the process of exfoliating with a product that physically helps “scrape” off dead skin cells. Popular products use things like sugar, salt, finely ground nutshells, cornmeal, or other things to gently slough off dead skin cells to make way for the new skin cells. 

-Chemical exfoliation: This uses ingredients that exfoliate your skin without scrubbing. These can be ingredients like retinol or glycolic acid. 

-Special ingredients: Certain ingredients naturally help increase skin cell regeneration. Others can help by plumping up the current “generation” of cells by hydrating them or helping them form a barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Intense cell renewal help

Looking for a product that provides extra strength help towards increasing cell renewal? Check out our Botanical Hemp Advanced “Jelly” Peel-Off Mask. This mask provides complete cell regeneration. It features botanical ingredients like hemp, rosemary, and turmeric, along with coconut oil, omega-6, algin, and cannabis Sativa. You’ll revel in your new skin after using this mask!